Badass Dart Team Names

 202 + Funny Dart Team Names

Welcome to the wacky world of our dart-throwing antics! We may not always hit the bullseye, but we guarantee a good laugh and a great time with Dart team or League.

Get ready to witness the most hilarious darts team in action! Our team is a mix of precision and tips, where every dart thrown comes with a side of good name.

Whether we’re hitting the target or missing by a mile, we always keep the mood light and the spirit high with our funny darts team names. Get ready for some outrageous throws and infectious laughter!

Cool and Funny Dart Team Names

Cool and Funny Darts Team Names
Cool and Funny Darts Team Names

Some fun facts about the darts game:

  • – Did you know that darts sport originated as a military pastime in the 19th century, where soldiers would throw shortened arrows at the bottoms of empty barrels.
  • The standard distance from the throwing line to the dartboard is 7 feet 9.25 inches (2.37 meters).

Let’s pick at cool darts team names and have fun with the shooters. 

  1. Dart Sharks – hunting for victory.
  2. Bullseye Brawlers – Fighting for every point, one dart at a time.
  3. Triple Threat – Absolute kill.
  4. Flight Command – Commanding the dartboard.
  5. Dart Disasters – Creating chaos on the board.
  6. Missed Marks – Failing miserably.
  7. Double Trouble – Causing trouble with every double score.
  8. Lucky Throws – Relying on luck more than skill to win.
  9. Bullseye Blunders – Making hilarious mistakes on the dartboard.
  10. Dart Fails – Failing spectacularly but laughing all the way.
  11. Triple Trouble – Causing chaos.
  12. Dart Dilemmas – Facing constant challenges on the board.
  13. Double or Nothing – Taking risks and aiming for the doubles.
  14. The Misfires – Always missing the mark but having fun doing it.
  15. Bulls & Brews -“Brews & Bulls: Tipsy Dart Champions”
  16. Dart & Draft – “Dart & Draft: Tipsy Target Tossers”
  17. Ale & Arrows – “Ale & Arrows: Tipsy Precision Players”
  18. Darts & Drinks – “Darts & Drinks: Tipsy Bullseye Enthusiasts”
  19. Brews & Bulls – “Brews & Bulls: Tipsy Dart Heroes”
  20. Ale & Aim – “Ale & Aim: Tipsy Dart Precision”
  21. Throws & Toasts – “Throws & Toasts: Tipsy Dart Champions”
  22. Pints & Pitches – “Pints & Pitches: Drunken Dart Masters”
  23. Bullseye & Beers – “Bullseye & Beers: Tipsy Dart Champions”
  24. Darts & Draughts – “Darts & Draughts: Tipsy Target Throwers”
  25. Dart Flight– “Dart Flight: Tipsy Precision Pilots”

Funny Darts Team Names For Males

Funny Darts Team Names For Males
Funny Darts Team Names For Males

The perfect game in darts is called a nine-dart finish, where a player scores 501 points in just nine darts, ending on a double. What do you need to achieve that? Bring memorable team names on, fellas! 

  1. Leg Lads – Masters of the single game.
  2. Set Sultans – Dominating sets like royalty.
  3. Oche Outlaws – Strategies for throwing line.
  4. Ton Titans – Scoring big.
  5. Ton 80 Troublemakers – Causing chaos with perfect scores.
  6. White Horse Whizzes – a humorous wordplay on slang.
  7. Leg Legends – Writing their names in darting history, one leg at a time.
  8. Set Superstars – Shining bright in every set they play.
  9. Oche Ogres – Big, bold, and unstoppable on the oche.
  10. Ton Tornadoes – Sweeping through the sport with ton scores.
  11. The Werfen Wizards – These guys possess magical precision.
  12. Dartpfeil Daredevils – Fearless throwers.
  13. Dartscheibe Dream Team – Clever dart team name for professionals. 
  14. Zwanzig Zealots – Sharp focus and big wins.  
  15. The Dartpfeil Dynamos – Dynamic shots with sharp focus.
  16. The Zwanzig Zappers – Lightning-fast throwers hitting their targets in the bar.
  17. Dartscheibe Dazzlers – Dazzling the audience with their skills.
  18. Werfen Warriors – Brave warriors on the dartboard battlefield.
  19. Zwanzig Zingers – Zinging their darts straight to the target.
  20. The Dartpfeil Dynasty – Unique dart team name for dirty play darts. 
  21. Bullseye Buccaneers – Canonballs of accuracy.
  22. Dart Rockstars – Cool dart team name for dominating side
  23. Ton Demons – Haunting the competition with their team’s skills.
  24. Robin Hoods – “Robin Hoods: Bullseye Bandits Unleashed”
  25. Set Commandoes – “Set Commandoes: Dart Warriors in Formation”
  26. White Horses Can’t Go Wrong – “White Horses: Darts, Wit, Unstoppable Men”
  27. Madhouse Matinee – “Madhouse Matinee: Darting Dudes, Comedy Central”
  28. Tirar Trailers – “Tirar Trailers: Darting Dudes on Wheels”
  29. Diana Lovers – “Diana Lovers: Darting Gents, Cupid Approved”
  30. Scorers Mutiny – “Scorers Mutiny: Dart Rebels, Scoreboard Saboteurs”

Female Funny Darts Team Names

Female Funny Darts Team Names
Female Funny Darts Team Names

These ladies not only know how to throw a dart with precision but also how to come up with team names that will leave you in stitches. From puns to pop culture references, these names show off their wit and charm. So, grab your pint, settle in, and prepare to be entertained by these Female Team Name ideas!

  1. Dartpfeil Divas – Divas of the dartboard, hitting their targets with style.
  2. Zwanzig Zenith – Reaching the peak.
  3. Oche Ovation – Ovations of applause.
  4. Ton Temptresses – Tempting fate with their perfect ton scores.
  5. Leg Laughter – Bringing laughter to each leg of the game.
  6. Set Serenades – Serenading victory.
  7. White Horse Wonders – Throws that never go wrong.
  8. The Werfen Warriors – Warrior-like focus on hitting their targets.
  9. Dartscheibe Daring – Daring the board. 
  10. Zwanzig Zest – Adding a zest of excitement.
  11. Oche Odyssey – A journey of skill on the oche.
  12. Ton Tango – Dancing their way to victory with ton scores.
  13. Leg Luminaries – Lighting up the game.
  14. Set Sirens – Siren-like calls for victory with each set won.
  15. Dartpfeil Dynasty – A team possessing excellent skills.
  16. The Oche Amigas – Friends on and off the oche.
  17. Leg Luminaries – Lighting up each leg.
  18. Zwanzig Zappers – Zapping the board.
  19. Dartpfeil Damsels – Damsels of the dart.
  20. Ton Triumph – Triumphing with ton scores.
  21. Set Sirens – Seducing victory with their strategic play.
  22. Oche Obsession – Obsessed with hitting the center.
  23. White Horse Wonder – Just like stallions.
  24. The Werfen Wonders – Darts excellency.
  25. Dartscheibe Dazzle – Dazzling the board.
  26. The Dartpfeil Divas – Sassy and skilled throwers.
  27. Zwanzig Zest – Adding a dash of zest.
  28. Oche Queens – Ruling the oche with grace.
  29. Ton Tornadoes – Whirling through the game with ton scores.
  30. Leg Ladies – Mastering each leg with style and flair.
  31. Set Senoritas – Dominating sets like true senoritas.
  32. White Horse Warriors – Charging towards victory with skill and humor.
  33. The Werfen Wonders – Fantastic skills.
  34. Dartscheibe Dames – Dames of the dartboard, hitting their targets with ease.
  35. Ton 80 Terrors – Striking fear into their opponents with perfect scores.

Cool & Hilarious Dart Team Names

Cool & Hilarious Dart Team Names
Cool & Hilarious Dart Team Names

Prepare to be impressed by some of the coolest dart team names around! These teams don’t just focus on the center; they also aim with their witty names. From puns to playful twists on darting terms, these teams show off their creativity and humor. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the lineup of Cool & Hilarious Dart Team Names that are sure to upSet the Doubles!

  1. The Wrong Dartpfeil – Building a legacy of greatness.
  2. Oche Outlaws – Outlaws of the dartboard, ruling with skill and humor.
  3. Zwanzig Zealots – Zealous for the twenty.
  4. Ton 80 Troublemakers – Causing trouble on the board with perfect scores.
  5. Incomplete Set – Dominating sets like true royalty.
  6. White Horse Whizzes – Whizzing their darts to the white horse.
  7. Leg Brewery – Lighting up each leg.
  8. Werfen Robin Hood – casting spells of accuracy.
  9. Dartscheibe Dream Team – Making dreams come true with their dart skills.
  10. Ton of Zwanzig – The masters of darts.
  11. Oche – Big, bold, and unstoppable on the oche.
  12. Ton & Drought – Ruling the board with their ton scores.
  13. Flight Of The Dart – Fanatically aiming for victory.
  14. Bullseye Sets – Stealing wins with their accurate shots.
  15. Rocky Dart – Haunting the competition.
  1. Madhouse of Dartpfeil – Fearless throwers taking risks for the win.
  2. Zwanzig Zest – Adding zest to the sport.
  3. Oche & Titar – Dominating the oche with their prowess.
  4. Ton Tornadoes – Sweeping through with ton scores.
  5. Leg Legends – Creating legendary moments in every leg.
  6. Set Samurai – Mastering the art of the set.
  7. White Horse Warriors – Riding into battle with skill and humor.
  8. Werfen Went Wrong – Multilanguage fun with the name.
  9. Stop The Dartscheibe – Dazzling the board with their accuracy.
  10. The Zwanzig Zeppelin – Flying high.
  11. Oche Octane – Fueling the game with their high-energy. 
  12. Ton Stories – Toppling the game with their ton scores.
  13. Set Storm – Creating a storm of success with each set.
  14. The Dartpfeil – “Dart Mavericks: Sharp, Witty, Unbeatable Force”
  15. The Zwanzig – Zapping the board.

Catchy Names For Darts Teams

Catchy Names For Darts Teams
Catchy Names For Darts Teams

Professional darts players often have nicknames, such as Phil “The Power” Taylor and Raymond “Barney” van Barneveld. Darts is a popular pub game in the UK and is often played in leagues and tournaments. Let’s have catchy names for dart teams that are true for English nature.  

  1. We Have A Dart Tirar
  2. Flight of Bullseye
  3. Bullseye & Ton
  4. Dart Punctuacion
  5. Oche Diana
  6. Double Drought
  7. Triple Threats
  8. Diana Set
  9. Bullseye Madhouse
  10. Set Boundary
  11. Leg Set
  12. Robin Hood Of Tirar
  13. Beer Bounce Out
  14. Double White Horses
  15. Check out Diana
  16. Triple Madhouse
  17. Beer, Bed and Breakfast
  18. The Forgotten Oche 
  19. Remember The Double
  20. Remember The Oche
  21. pint after that Throw
  22. braw shot, laddies
  23. wee dram and a game of darts
  24. round of 301
  25. Lads & Wrists
  26. Mind Yer Aim
  27. Ton Scottish way
  28. The Losing Thistle
  29. Let’s see some bullseyes!
  30. Cheers, Double! 
  31. Watch out for the ‘180
  32. Aim For treble 20
  33. Wager The Trouble
  34. Sharp Throws
  35. Show Off, Diana!
  36. Another round, another bullseye!
  37. Aiming For Tons
  38. Fault In Our Darts
  39. Rocky Set

Badass Dart Team Names

Badass Dart Team Names
Badass Dart Team Names

There are several variations of the game, including 301, 701, and cricket, each with its own rules and scoring.

Professional Darts Corporation (PDC): The PDC was established in 1992 and has since become the leading professional darts organization, hosting major tournaments worldwide.

Which badass dart team names would you pick for your Darts League? 

  1. 20 Bullseye – Getting the 20 every time.
  2. Oche Overload – Overloading the oche with their skill. 
  3. Triple Set – absolute massacre.
  4. Diana’s Delight – Delighting the board with their dart skills.
  5. Bed, Beer, Bullseye – focus for the best shot after a good night’s rest and a pint.
  6. Madhouse Show Off – spitting slangs.
  7. Set Scorchers – Scorching sets. 
  8. White Slough Horses – For those who got dart game experience. 
  9. Double Dazzle – Dazzling the board with their double scores.
  10. Bounce Back And Set – Bouncing back from setbacks with their resilience and skill.
  11. Triple Threat – League team names for triple scores.
  12. Bring The Oche – Embarking on an epic journey of dart mastery.
  13. Double Down – Dynamo players who double down on their skills.
  14. Bullseye Blitzkrieg – Launching a rapid and intense attack.
  15. Legends of the Oche – Legendary players who rule the oche.
  16. Lords of Dart – Absolute masters of the sport.
  17. Triple Troopers – Troopers who bring triple trouble to the board.
  18. Puntuacion The Set – OWning the Set, each time.
  19. Robin Hood Leggers – Overlords of the oche.
  20. Mind The Double – Triumphing over the competition with their double scores.
  21. The Perfect Wrists – Precision Dart Squad with Killer Throws
  22. Bang Oche – “Explosive Dart Dominators on Target”

How many people are on a dart team?

A standard darts team typically consists of four members, but this can vary depending on the league or format of the game.

What is a darts team?

A darts team is a group of individuals who compete together in darts matches against other teams. Teams often have names, uniforms, and compete in leagues or tournaments.

How many sections does a dartboard have?

A standard dartboard has 20 numbered sections, each representing a different score value. Additionally, there are the bullseye and outer bullseye sections, each with their own scoring value. 

Last Words

In conclusion, choosing a funny and creative team name can add a lot of fun and personality to your darts team. Whether you’re aiming for the bullseye or just want to have a good time, a clever team name can bring your group together and set the tone for a great game.

From puns to pop culture references, the possibilities are endless. So, gather your team, grab your darts, and get ready to make your mark on the dartboard with a name that’s as memorable as your throws. Cheers to a fantastic game of darts!

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